Race Report- Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, PA

After not racing since 2013 and skipping a race I signed up for on my birthday of this year due to being too busy with work to train adequately, I’m so happy to say I finally completed a race again! Last Sunday, I ran in the Broad Street Run which is a 10 mile road race in Philadelphia, PA with over 40,000 runners. The course takes you through many different areas of Philadelphia giving you lots to see as you run by “high fiving” people in the crowds. There were tons of water stops, police officers, and volunteers making it a surprisingly well organized event for so many people. Overall, the atmosphere of the race was amazing and I would definitely recommend it, if you are ever looking for a 10 miler in the Northeast.

To be honest, my training for this race was not the best that it could have been due to my work schedule and other priorities. I’ve tried to get a few longer runs in during the past few weeks and  know the 9 miler I ran last Sunday definitely helped. I’ve been consistently running since last summer though, with some weeks containing more heavy mileage than others so I knew that I could at least finish the race with an okay time. My friend from high school also decided to meet up to run with me so I was excited to have someone by my side (despite her being faster than me). Having her with my though, turned out to be awesome because it pushed me to run faster than I have in a long time. I stuck with her for 7 of the 10 miles where she kept up her fast pace and I started to slow down. I was very happy with my final time though and was shocked that I could manage to run as fast as I did (just goes to show you what you can do when you push yourself!).

The entire course was pretty flat and even sometimes downhill which was definitely ideal. My first 3 miles I kept an 8:17 pace and by mile 5 it increased to 8:20 pace. At mile 7 my pace was 8:25. Although my pace increased, I’m still very happy with my mile times. My favorite parts of the race were running around city hall because it’s such a nice view in Philadelphia and also coming into the gate of the Navy Yard because at that point you know you only have 0.25 miles left to go in the race!

My final time was 10 miles in 1:25:58 so an 8:36 pace which is a great time for me. This race really motivated me to pursue my running hobby even more. I want to buy a new pair of running shoes to start training for a half marathon in the fall and hopefully keep reaching new goals!

As a final tip for the Broad Street Run, if you are meeting up with family members or friends after the race make sure you plan a meet up spot in advance. I spent a long time trying to find my family members and with 40,000+ people the cell phone service was severely lacking as well.

Best of luck if you have any races coming up!




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